• Lillian Liu

Poetry: Alone

Being alone is to fall in love

with loneliness, with life’s imperfections,

with myself.

It is to Embrace the fact That there is no magic person in the world

Who could turn my life upside down Like a chick flick blockbuster.

It is to Finally have the courage to Cross off the vacuous storybook fairytale

from my daydream.

It is to no longer expect someone to spoon feed.

It is to live the fantasy manuscript

I wrote for myself.

I am Sending myself bouquets, Crossing off things on my bucket list, Getting myself a prime seat concert ticket,

Telling myself I am enough just the way I am,

Giving myself a hug when I do something sweet,

And hopping on the flight to Yosemite.

No longer anticipating About the future, About meeting the better half.

No longer holding off the things

I always wanted to do, No longer waiting for someone to give me

the compliment I yearned for,

But to

Finally savour

all the present moments Spent with personal adventures, Spent with the dazzling skyline from the Cypress summit,

Spent with the rainbow sea bus floating around the city,

Spent with good music, Spent alone.